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We are not only the largest diamond source of in Western New York, but we are your source of ALL your jewelry needs.

Diamond Cutters

DC of WNY is a family owned business that brings over thirty years of expertise to the art of hand-selecting, cutting and polishing rough diamonds.
We understand how each stage of the process determines the quality of the final diamond, as well as its value. Our professional in-house cutter, Roger Flanders, maximizes the beauty and value of each stone by polishing it with precise accuracy and great skill. The first thing to know is that the cut of a diamond indicates more than its shape. The cut also determines how sparkly your diamond will be! It’s not enough that a diamond is big, clear, and white. No diamond can be truly attractive unless it sparkles, and it won’t sparkle unless it’s properly cut.

Traditionally, a diamond comes off the polishing wheel, and is finished, categorized, and sold to a wholesaler. A diamond may change hands many times before it reaches the consumer, and will become increasingly more expensive with each transaction. Since we are diamond cutters and not brokers, we eliminate the middleman to generate savings without sacrificing your assurance of quality.

Jewelry Appraisal

A professional jewelry appraisal is an invaluable complement to every piece of fine jewelry that you own. Whether you’ve just purchased a new piece, or have some jewelry you wear regularly, DC of WNY is the place to visit for a full-service jewelry appraisal. If you’re still wondering why an appraisal is beneficial to you, consider the following:

– In order to insure your jewelry, most insurance companies require a professional jewelry appraisal.

– An appraisal educates you on the finer details of your jewelry such as gemstone weight, cut, clarity, metal quality, designer considerations, etc.

– In the unfortunate event that your jewelry is lost or stolen, knowing the fine details gives you a “roadmap” for replacing your piece and/or receiving fair and adequate compensation.

– An appraisal provides you with proof of ownership.

– Jewelry appraisals are also useful for determining fair market value in estates. We gladly work with attorneys and clients on behalf of estates.

– Even if you had your jewelry appraised in the past, it is a good idea to update it every few years since jewelry often appreciates over time. This is especially true today with the constantly changing value of precious metals.

So what can you expect when you come to DC of WNY for an appraisal? Click here to see an example.

  • Detailed description of each item
  • Enlarged digital photograph of each item printed on the document
  • Metal content determination
  • Gemstone identification, grading, measurement and weight calculation/estimation
  • Verification of Gemological laboratory reports whenever possible
  • Fully researched valuation at the appropriate market level
  • Identification of designer or manufacture, whenever possible
  • Complete professional cleaning and inspection of mounting
  • An explanation of value, along with the intent (appropriate use) of the appraisal document

Appraisals are $50.00, but as an added bonus, every piece of jewelry purchased at DC of WNY comes with an appraisal free of charge!

Full Service Repair Shop

Everyone has favorite pieces of jewelry – your wedding bands, that bracelet you wear every day, a necklace with special significance. Constant wear on jewelry, though, can create some issues. Maybe a stone has fallen out, perhaps your band is wearing thin or your necklace clasp is no longer working. These issues are easily solved in our jewelry repair department.

DC of WNY offers full-service jewelry repair in-house. Rest assured that your jewelry will not leave the building and will be handled with the utmost care.

It is also important to remember that jewelry looks its best when sparkling clean. Too many people wear jewelry every day without thinking about cleaning it. Bring your jewelry in to us where it can be cleaned by a professional. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Your diamonds will sparkle again, your gold will shine.

Jewelry Liquidation

Bring us your old gold, platinum, and sterling silver for cash or generous credit towards a new purchase!

Highest prices paid out for your items. We’ll match your highest offer!

Designer Jewelry

DC of WNY proudly offers some of the industry’s finest jewelry brands and the most exquisitely detailed, perfectly finished designs. You can’t get these names anywhere else in Buffalo. Learn a little bit more about our exclusive brands we carry here.

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  • "Such a pleasant experience. I left knowing that I picked the most perfect gift! Terri was such a great help! This was so much better than going into some chain jewelry store. Also they just moved, the new address is 2618 Union rd in Cheektowaga."

  • "I can't say enough about Diamond Cutters. They really just blew me away. Bill (the owner) treated my fiancé and I like family, taking his time with us, and just giving us an experience that was second to none. Price wise he blew the competition out of the water. He is really dedicated to giving his customers the best deal in town and they seem to take this very seriously. They have a beautiful showroom, a large selection, and a friendly staff that includes a designer on site: if you're looking for something customized to your liking. I came away from this experience with a very positive view of Bill and Diamond Cutters, and I'll definitely be back. My advice, don't bother with Reed's or Jared... Just go to Diamond Cutters